This is a your choices matter type of episodic narrative. Or at least it's one episode. Afterwards you get to see the choices you made.

it may take a moment for the game to load... so read the instructions while waiting.

Colors can be set at any time.

1-5 Foreground colors

6-0 Background colors

If you dislike or have problems with flashing games, consider using the color combination 5 + 6 and activate the buzzer.

Left shift toggles the buzzer.

The buzzer conveys all the information that the colors in the game does and no other information. This make's it as playable for visually impaired as it may or may not be for those who are not.

How to play

tl;dr: Use letter keys and space. (If you want hardcore mode, stop reading)

There's a resting/menu type of state between episodes and at game start/end. There's nothing special to do with it other than it marks a pause.

Press <SPACE> to start playing.

In the game, you interact with an unknown entity. It is your job to figure out how to communicate, what they want and what you should do about it.

You use your keyboard as input. Letter keys and space. Distance is signaled by the flashing. When you hit the target it is signaled by a long flash. If there's an even longer flash, you've also reached a checkpoint in the game.

The game currently only supports QERTY type keyboards (or if you have a different layout you can see it as extra difficulty).

If you try to many times without finding the next key you will restart at the closest checkpoint.

The story is three episodes long and end of episode is shown by returning you to the between episodes blinking after the checkpoint signal. You will also get to see what choices you made (somehow, I hope).


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